“Thank You” From Our Residents and Families

We’d like to share a few of the many thank you notes we’ve received from our residents and their families. We are feeling the love and are sending it right back! We are so thankful for these tokens of appreciation and solidarity during uncertain times.


“We are the luckiest people in the whole USA, to be living in Charter House, Rochester Minnesota, during this terrible pandemic. The services provided here are unmatched any place, and deliverers are always smiling. We can’t get over it, and have thanked every human being who has shown up at our door. I can’t thank you all enough, we are so eternally grateful.” – Charter House Resident

“Thank you, Charter House staff for keeping everyone safe and healthy during these unsettling times. My brother and I count our blessings that our parents live in such a good, caring environment. With deepest appreciation.” – Resident Family Member

“We want to thank everyone for what you are doing to make it as comfortable and pleasant as you can for us residents. Just be aware, we as residents, know you are taking extra steps every day to keep us safe and well. The Fitness Center employees provide exercises on our floors. The food we order comes hot and delicious often with enjoyable little cards from the wait staff. We have coffee delivered with fruit and sweets. Movies and books we can borrow and now bingo we can play. We appreciate the communication through newsletters keeping us informed. We thank you so much for all you do. There is no place like Charter House!!!!” – Charter House Resident

“Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am for your work at Charter House, keeping residents safe, and the many ways I hear of you all going the extra mile to make this enforced social distancing more bearable for everyone under your oversight.  I am very thankful that my mother is being so well looked after and cared about.  Add to that many other folks there who have become friends over the years.” – Resident Family Member

“I want to thank the Charter House Staff for keeping us residents safe and comfortable. Our needs are taken care of so effectively that it’s easy to overlook the fact that those who provide such dedicated service have their own pressing concerns – for their own safety, looking after their loved ones, providing care for their children, shopping for food and other necessities, and doing all the ‘little things’ that we residents don’t have to think about. I’m sure I express the feelings of many residents when I say ‘Thank You. I’m deeply grateful.'” – Charter House Resident